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THE HAGUE, March 11 (Xinhua) -- While Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte described Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's remarks likening his government to "fascists and Nazis" as "bizarre," some parties leaders in the Netherlands have voiced their support to the government's decision to cancel the landing rights of a Turkish plane with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on board.

Turkish FM Cavusoglu wanted to speak at a Turkish referendum rally in Rotterdam on Saturday. Despite a call by the Dutch government not to come, he wanted his visit to go through.

The Dutch cabinet ultimately decided to cancel the landing rights for the plane, citing "the public order is at stake" as a reason.

The decision has caused a diplomatic row between the Netherlands and Turkey.

The Turkish diplomatic service reacted on Twitter that "racist, anti-Semitic and Islamophobic attacks in the Netherlands jeopardize the European democracy."

Turkish President Erdogan even compared the Dutch to "fascists and Nazis," and threatened to expel Dutch diplomats as well as cancel flights from the Netherlands.

In response, Rutte called Erdogan's remarks "bizarre" during his conservative People's party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) campaign meeting in Breda on Saturday.

"The talks with Turkish authorities were extremely difficult," said Rutte. "This morning he (Cavusoglu) threatened with sanctions if he could not come. The Netherlands can never, of course, allow to that type of threat talk by the Turks, that's impossible."

Leaders of some Dutch political parties have voiced their support to the government's decision to block the landing of the Turkish foreign minister.

"It was unwise for him to land," commented PvdA (Labor) leader Lodewijk Asscher on NPO Radio 2. "I think, also as Deputy Prime Minister, that you have to draw a line ... At such a moment you cannot be blackmailed as a country."

Meanwhile, Christian Democrats CDA leader Sybrand Buma, Socialist Party SP leader Emile Roemer and GroenLinks (GreenLeft) leader Jesse Klaver also show their support to the decision.

"Other countries cannot play like this with the Netherlands, this guy cannot come in," said Buma on NPO Radio 1.

"I support the Prime Minister, public order and security are paramount," said Roemer.

Right wing populist PVV leader Geert Wilders responded that the decision by Rutte would not have been taken without the PVV. "Rutte only shows balls because of the PVV demands and because we are close to the elections," he stated on Twitter.

Last Wednesday Wilders demonstrated against the visit of the Turkish Minister in front of the Turkish Embassy.

But former minister of foreign affairs Ben Bot, who served between 2003 and 2007, was not happy with the decision by the Dutch government.

"Very unwise," he told RTL Nieuws. "This will cause a rise of tension. We always point to our democracy and human rights, but with this we are on the wrong track."

GroenLinks leader Klaver supported Rutte, but also expressed his worries. "This puts the diplomatic relations with Turkey under pressure and at risk," Klaver said on NPO Radio 1.

The Turkish government plans to campaign in the Netherlands, and for instance also in Germany, for a referendum to give President Erdogan more power.

The Turkish government aims to urge Dutch citizens with the Turkish nationality to vote for a stronger position for Erdogan in a constitutional referendum on April 16.

Acidity is a common problem that may be suffered by anyone at any time. People who depend largely on highly spicy and hot foods are more prone to suffer from this condition. As per ayurvedic viewpoint Wholesale Seattle Seahawks Jersey , imbalance of Pitta dosha is chiefly responsible for this condition. Therefore it is very much important to pay attention to diet as well as lifestyle so that the stomach may be assured of its normal functions and complete digestion of the foods.

Reasons For Acidity

As far as reasons for acidity are concerned, there are multiple reasons to mention. The chief reasons out of these include intake of excessively spicy Wholesale Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jersey , fatty and hot foods. Apart from this, stress Wholesale Tennessee Titans Jersey , tension, depression and such other mental states may also aggravate this condition. Excessive consumption of alcohol or smoking may also lead to acidity.


Different people may experience varying symptoms of acidity. The chief symptoms of acidity are loss of appetite Wholesale Washington Redskin Jersey , nausea, and vomiting Cheap Arizona Cardinals Jersey , abdominal pain, sour eructation Cheap Atlanta Falcons Jersey , burning sensation in the chest, exhaustion Cheap Baltimore Ravens Jersey , tiredness, chest pain and tightness in the chest.

Ayurvedic medicine for acidity in the form of home remedies

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a. You must have cooling foods and drinks so as to soothe down stomach acidity. As an instance, you may take fresh coconut juice and cold milk to reduce the discomfort caused due to acidity.

b. Bananas are also known to rich in such properties that help in offering great relief from this condition.

c. Juice of pomegranate or even chutney prepared from pomegranate also helps in balancing the acid in stomach. This in turn relieves this condition very well.

d. You may also have baked fennel seeds 2-3 times in a day to get relieved of stomach acidity.
e. Fresh leaves of Holy basil also help in calming down the stomach. You may chew few Tulsi leaves whenever you suffer from acidity.

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